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How to create unique packaging for wine?

The rigid box as the preferred alternative to wooden wine cases

5 July 2017

Traditionally wine is packed in wooden wine cases. But these have several practical disadvantages. First of all there is little opportunity for branding. Also, wooden cases are not distinctive, each package looks the same. And with travel retail going sky high, you would like to have a travel friendly package when you sell your premium bottle of wine at the airport. In this 'case', wood is not convenient.

Distinctive wine packaging

But don’t worry. We have a better alternative. From solid board of course. We asked ourselves: "How can we create packaging for wine that enhances brand distinction and is authentic and innovative at the same time?" So we made our own testcase. 


First we asked a designer to take the project from idea to sketch. Then we teamed up with a converter to turn the sketch into a prototype. In this process we selected a boxmaker and together we looked at the best way to produce the box. Making sure we have a sturdy box, with sharp edges.

Finally we contacted a wine producer to put our idea to the test. We chose materials to reflect the wine and incorporated the design of the bottle into the box. The upper part is decorated with cork paper, while the lower part is enriched with paper made of organic fibres.

Packaging development

Are you ready to take your wine packaging to the next level? Creating inspiring packaging that highlights the values of your brand and allures the customers you aim at: We're in. Please contact Edward Thiescheffer, Eska's business development manager. He will be glad to help you with your next packaging development project. 


We thank Initio (design), Favini (crush paper), Seidel Verpackungen (box production) and Salvano (wine producer) for their cooperation in this project.