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Fit for the future with a new identity

Eska presents its new pay-off and corporate image

7 September 2016

The role played by Eska in the chain of brand owners, designers and converters has changed. We used to be a supplier, but now we are a team member. High time for a new identity. 

Eska continues to do what we've done for over a century - we provide excellent quality and service. On top of that we want to intensify our cooperation with the other parties in the chain, such as the designers and the converters. With our knowledge and experience, our creativity and inventiveness, we can provide massive added value for our clients. That is the challenge we want to take on. 

A new role requires a new pay-off; it may sound simple, but it is the outcome of careful consideration. Eska. We’re in. 

Our products are incorporated in items ranging from games & jigsaws, books and ring binders and more recently in luxury packaging. Eska solid board is everywhere and in everything.

We’re in also refers to our new role. Are you looking for somebody with knowledge, experience and ideas, somebody who knows what you can do with cardboard and who will look for solutions together with you? You're in the right place with Eska! We’re in, we're in it together with you. 






A new visual style
When you visit the Eska website, receive post from us or visit us at a show, you notice the change immediately, we have a new visual style and it fits like a glove.


The < sign in our logo represents the letter K and it refers to the three-dimensional look of an end product. It was a conscious decision to use mainly black and white. We're in. We are a link in the chain. We make the end product together. We use solid board in the colours grey, white and black in the process.

Finally our frog
As the mascot of our sustainable working methods, was given a facelift and is ready for the future.



The LuxePack Monaco show is the first time you can meet the new Eska.