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Father and Son Luiken and their love for Eska

16 January 2017

The people at Eska are passionate about board. And they are proud to work for Eska and to contribute to the success of its worldwide customers. This love for solid board and for Eska is passed on from generation to generation. Together, father Gerrit Luiken and his son, Gerwin Luiken, have been working at Eska for sixty years.

Father Gerrit is a process engineer and knows everything about the production of board. Son Gerwin has recently been promoted to manager continuous improvement. They are very much involved in improving the quality of the board and developing new products. Both are proud to work for Eska, because it is a strong and thriving company. Luiken senior: ‘Many board mills were closed in the past, but I have never had the feeling that this could happen to Eska. Unlike many other mills, Eska has always invested in machines, technology and people.’

Gerwin adds: ‘Eska has always aimed at the top of the market. But the top of the market is changing. Eska used to focus mainly on graphic board for hardcover books, stationery products and puzzles and games. But this market has changed because of digitalization. What I like about Eska is, that we are continually looking for new markets in order to continue to be successful. Therefore, today we are targeting the market for luxury packaging. We listen to customers and adapt our products and approach to their needs.’

This led for example to the development of Eskablack. This deep black material, which has a very smart look and feel, is appreciated by worldwide brands like Gucci and Moët & Chandon. Gerwin: ‘Everybody in Eska knows who our customers are. And they are aware of the product features that are important to make high quality boxes, for example. It sometimes happens that a colleague in the mill initiates a change in the production process in order to improve the board quality.’

Father Gerrit adds: ‘We are a big player in the international board market. Eska’s involvement in luxury packaging has made clear that there is a strong need in the mills to see what is made of our board. Because then we can contribute to improvements and new developments. The people in Eska have lots of knowledge and experience.’’

Is it possible to make other colours than black? Gerrit: ‘Maybe. When there is a customer who asks for it.’ His son Gerwin adds: ‘For example if a customer asks for green board, then we are going to get started right away. What do we need to make this? And everybody is ready to deliver a contribution. The people at Eska are professionals who love their job.’