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As architects of identity materials we inspire innovators and creators every day, people who dare to move things forward.

 The unique texture and quality of our board inspired artist Emi Traini to create the Flower Box. Using the Japanese art of origami, she transformed our board into a flower shaped package with amazing feel and texture.

We are happy to share with you her testimony: 

Let me tell you the story of our Flower Box.
Christmas was coming closer and I wanted to give a little keepsake of myself.
I had this opportunity when I’d received a gift of a very pretty small box with an origami opening; This inspired me!

I immediately wanted to create a new box that would open like a flower, but it had to be bigger. I immediately started to look around for the material that would fit perfectly for my project.

I tried for almost a year every type of cardboard but every time something was missing.
I was never satisfied with the final result; what I wanted was to feel in love with each part of it, I had to love it all the way,
just like my grandfather taught me.

I did not give up and one day a man from Eska came to us, with a range of samples of different  thickness and colors of cardboard; grey, black, white and blue, a great board!  It seemed immediately perfect for my project, this is was what I’ve been missing to create my “flower”.

I chose the Eska white in their thinner grammage. Many people were skeptical, as several of the test boxes previously made did not give the expected results, but there’s a saying in Italy “behind the storm there is always a rainbow” and so it was.

My Flower box had finally taken shape, thanks to an idea created by coincidence and Eska cardboard.

Today, thanks to our perseverance and to the refined quality of this box, my project is finally stands out.




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