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Luxury and sustainability go hand in hand

We have taken the lead in a number of markets for luxury packaging. How? It all starts with the quality of our solid board, but there is more - we stand out by thinking along with the customer, giving advice and providing a flawless service. 

From recycled raw materials to an optimised production process: every day, during each step, Eska works to raise the knowledge and use of sustainable processes to a higher level. We use 100% recovered paper and strive for the status of Zero Waste Company. Sustainability is simply a logical component of the production process and of each Eska product. It is in our DNA. 

Unparalleled flavours demand an equivalent packaging

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Luxury and sustainability go hand in hand

A luxury experience starts with the packaging because this determines the first impressions. Together with brand owners, designers and manufacturers of luxury packaging, Eska develops solutions for tempting packaging for brands.


Eska offers 2 black products specifically for whisky packaging: Eska®mono black for boxes with a black interior and Eska®black. Eska®black is intensely black in colour and can be used for luxury boxes with die-cut designs that display the black core.

Sustainable Production process

Eska is world class leader in minimising the use of fresh water. Rejects are gasified and converted into energy, which means we save 20% on the use of fossil fuels. And because we no longer have to dispose of the rejects, it also means less fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions. 

Worldwide availability

From Paris to Beijing, Eska does not mind where the boxes are made; Eska board is available worldwide. Thanks to our wide distribution network, we can deliver anytime, anywhere.

Razor-sharp corners

Deep black color

Inner black board becomes visible at the cutting edge

Our sustainable technology and production methods

Eska is never complacent and has always been at the forefront of developing and implementing new technology and production methods.


  • We were one of the first to move to using recycled paper as a raw material.
  • Nearly 95% of all the available raw materials is recycled.
  • We were one of the first to work with a virtually closed process water system. Our water consumption fell to 1.8 m3 water per tonne of end product.
  • We generate biogas from wastewater, which provides for part of our heat requirements.
  • We use high-efficiency Combined Heat and Power that contributes to extremely low CO2 emissions.
  • Together with the Dutch government we worked on efficiency improvements that are already saving almost a third  of our primary energy consumption.

Eska's sustainable production process of solid board.

Download the free white paper: Eska®black and sustainability

With Eska®black we simply created a new benchmark for deep-black luxury packaging. We also prove that luxury does not have to be harmful to the environment by definition. Discover this in our free white paper!

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