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Increase in customer satisfaction

27 February 2017

Eska´s Net Promotor Score has increased from 55 to 66 in the past four years. A Very high score, according to SAMR, the research agency that conducted the survey.

Significant increase in promotors

The increase in NPS is due to a significant increase in the number of promotors. Almost three quarters of the customers that participated in the survey are promotors of Eska, 50% of which gave Eska a 10 (the highest score) when asked how likely it is that they would recommend Eska to a colleague or business relation. We are glad, that our customers appreciate our performance and are likely to recommend Eska as a supplier of solid board. 

Continuous improvement

We thank the customers that participated in the survey and will use all the ideas and suggestions of the repondents to further improve our performance.