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The runability increases by 17%

For some developments or innovations it is not always clear from the start what their use will be. By combining questions and solutions from the various markets, Eska creates interesting solutions. This time it benefited the jigsaw and board-games sector.

The challenge

For many years a manufacturer in the games industry has been an Eska customer for their jigsaws and board games. They used to make their jigsaw and games boxes from a one-layer greyboard of 1mm thick, supplied by another board producer. The market complained about the boxes and it was clear that the material was neither stiff, flat nor stable enough to produce a decent box. So far, they had been unable to find a solution. 

Thin but strong

For a while Eska's application specialists had been working on 1mm greyboard consisting of three layers. Until then, 1 mm could only be produced in one layer. Developing a 1 mm board in three layers gives it much better lay flat, stay flat properties, stability and rigidity. Quality properties that comply with all the requirements from the books sector, for which three-layer greyboard in 1 mm was originally developed and sold under the name Eska®frogcover. Confronted with the demand for a better quality board for puzzle and games boxes, Eska supplied this new material. It was soon clear, that this newly developed product also proved to comply with the requirements imposed on board for jigsaw and board-games boxes. 

Increased runability

This new product was ideal for the board-games boxes of the games manufacturer. The material was of a better quality than before and the runability of our customer rose by 17%, as this 1.0 mm lined board is extremely easy to process.

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