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Mission & vision


Eska is the leading global manufacturer of recovered paper based substrates for a wide variety of industries and applications, including hardcover books, stationery, luxury packaging, puzzles and games and many more.

Our mission is to provide high quality materials and solutions, while utilizing the best in sustainable technologies, that inspire creators to develop captivating and durable products for a better life experience. 


People make the difference. Eska believes in the power of knowledge and experience. By encouraging teamwork and developing specialisms we increase the added value we provide together. The past has demonstrated that our customers recognise the value of our advice and our products.

We strive for Zero-Waste production and inspire our partners to make the same choices and to take steps towards a sustainable circular economy.

Continuous improvement

In order to achieve our objectives we optimise the communication with our customers and partners on a daily basis. We use the ideas and suggestions of our partners to study the opportunities for developing innovative products.

At the same time we never cease to invest in our production process, to ensure we work more flexibly, manufacture better products and contribute to the sustainable future of the sector.