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Frog award

With the annual Eska Frog Award we draw attention to the products that are made with our board. Each year we invite clients to submit their most beautiful or original products. They compete for four Frog Awards in four product categories.

Our graphic cardboard is the basis for many different creations. Our task is to manufacture so our clients can create. We would like to honour our customers with their amazing and special products. Each year we put the names of the winners of the four Frog Awards on a monument outside the entrance to our Sappemeer site. The Eska Frog Award and the monument have been designed by Xavier Cuenca, a Catalan sculptor.

Best product per category

The competition is across four product categories and five regions. All the winners compete for the Eska Frog Award in their product category.
The four product categories are:

  • Books
  • Stationery
  • Luxury packaging
  • Others

We want to honour our customers for transforming our grey product into beautiful and colourful  products that you come across all over the world. 

Winners Frog award 2016

Weiss Bindery, Israel

Regional winner 2016 in the category Books

Pusterla 1880, France

Regional winner 2016 in the category Luxury Packaging

Schwartz, Spain

Award winner 2016 in the category Stationery

OOO “Umnaya Bumaga”, Russia

Award winner 2016 in the category Others

Anaya, Spain

Regional winner 2016 in the category Books

Royal Advertising, Dubai

Award winner in the category Luxury Packaging

Diamond Print Services Ltd, United Kingdom

Award winner 2016 in the category Books

Educa Borras, Spain

Regional winner 2016 in the category Others